Thank you very much for visiting this site.

I am a Japanese who works for automobile coating business and is a big fan of Paul Walker and The fast & the furious.

For the death anniversary on November 30, 2015

Pray for Paul Walker and may his soul rest in peace
Pray for the happiness of his bereaved daughter and friends
I have established this site as praying for traffic safety in all over the world.

In addition, I just want to send a message of my appreciation from this site to the film producers/staff and Paul Walker’s family members for choosing my country’s cars among his beloved cars in the last scene of Fast & Furious 7 as Paul’s last movie.

To those who are reading this article and love The fast & the furious and Paul Walker in the world...

As long as you love Paul Walker and The fast & the furious...

I will be with you all alway even I would be anywhere as 400m ahead of you or the other side of the world.

So you all will be my brothers forever!